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Frozen Mahjong


The goal in Frozen Mahjong is to unfreeze the frozen tiles by matching them in pairs of two. Once you get stuck, use the hint button to highlight a new pair of tiles, or test your luck by shuffling the current mahjong deck, hoping that new matchable tiles will appear, but you should know that each of these options will cost you some points, so use them wisely. Have fun!

Use the Mouse to select and match the frozen tiles in pairs.

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1 comment(s)

  • Barbara Lovejoy (8 January, 2014 at 00:50)

    I like the game frozen but I do not like timers. I enjoy alot of the mahjong games but due to my handicap having to have a timer or race against the clock makes me not be able to play the games. maybe have a way to turn off timer or clock could be valualable option. Not everyone likes to race.