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Goldfish Mahjong


In Goldfish Mahjong you are playing Mahjong in a special way. You have to combine the stones you are receiving from the goldfishes. Match the stone on the bottom with the same stone on the board. You are also able to disappear a stone on top right. If you need extra help then use crown stones.

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3 comment(s)

  • dawn blanchard (21 June, 2012 at 09:30)

    cannot connect

  • Edward (21 October, 2012 at 07:11)

    Kind od tedious but good, never-the-less. I’ve registerd my score. Where do I find other scores and ratings?

  • NINGEN (6 March, 2015 at 01:34)

    Amazing game. I spend a lot of time playing without getting bored 🙂